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Eero Miettinen

Business Coordinator at International HUB Tampere 040 481 1652


Talent CV Gallery has got an impressive pool of international talents and your next candidate could be just a click away!

Finland has got skills shortage in several industry sectors. Many employers are struggling to find skilled workforce. International talents have often got the skills to match and are increasingly sought after by employers all over the world.

We assist companies to find ways to meet potential candidates suitable for their organisations’ needs.  You can advertise your jobs HERE. We help and advice companies to find more about the international resources available, give them options to find suitable candidates and organise networking opportunities and recruiting events. Additionally assistance is available for those companies looking to recruit internationally including queries relating to relocation matters.


International professionals:

We hope you have find the Talent CV Gallery easy to use. The Talent CV Gallery allows the companies and recruiting agencies to have a look at your profiles and to get in touch with you directly. You can also look whether you could find your next job opportunity from the Jobs section.  

Through International Tampere you can find out about  networking events, mentoring programmes and information about living and working in the Tampere region. We challenge the companies to think internationally and promote the international talents in the local business networking scene. Through this work we promote the importance of diversity and equality in our business community. 



Tampere has been actively promoting international talents for many years. Being an interesting City to live and work in it attracts international students and spouses who would like to pursue their career in here. Talent CV Gallery has got a large pool of enthusiastic international talents and professionals who live mainly in Tampere and surrounding areas. An international professional gives a company the desired cutting edge when starting or expanding their businesses into international markets. Equally an international talent can be a great asset to a company with the ‘out of the box’ experience and skills that can not be acquired usually in Finland. This international knowledge and experience need to be utilised as we want to be part of the best in the world. Welcome to Talent CV Gallery!

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