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Mervi Alho

Project Manager - International Business Powered by Talents 044 4811 431


I assist companies to find practical and targeted ways to meet potential candidates suitable for their organisations’ needs. I have a large pool of networks and I aim to be the link between the local businesses and international professionals living and working in the region. I help and advice companies to find more about the international resources available, give them different options to find suitable candidates and organise networking opportunities. Additionally I assist companies to find out ways to recruit from their international target market area as well as provide links to advice in issues relating relocation.

International professionals:

Talent Tampere assists international talents to raise their profile amongst the local business community. We organise and participate in networking events, organise mentoring programmes, challenge the companies to think internationally and bring the international talent together with the local businesses. We promote the diversity in our business community. The digital Talent CV Gallery is one of the schemes we run. The Talent CV Gallery allows the companies and recruiting agencies to have a look at your profiles and to get in touch with you directly.


Over the last few years we have acquired a large pool of enthusiastic international talents and professionals who live in Tampere or surrounding areas. We have therefore lots of international and cultural knowledge which is currently under used. An international professional gives a company the desired cutting edge when starting or expanding their businesses into international markets.

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